Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is coming

Today we got a basil plant with our share. I like to tear off a few leaves, tear them up, and add them to a salad.

This week we've got: Nicola potatoes, carrots, European greenhouse cucumber, pac choi, mesclun mix, 8 oz of Pete's onion puree, eggs, 1 pint Bonnieview ewe's feta, Champlain Orchards red delicious apples, and one basil plant.

I decided to use a lot of these ingredients in dinner tonight but it also had to be a quick dinner since I worked today. I decided to make the chickpea pancake again but this time add some potatoes and pac choi. I sauteed the potatoes for a bit, added the onions, then added the pac choi. I didn't use a lot of any of the vegetables, just enough to give it a bit of body. I also tossed in some fresh thyme from my yard although I can't say I could really taste it.

When it was done it looked like this:

I served it with a salad of greens with basil, pine nuts, cucumber, and feta cheese.

Three thumbs up! Sam finished it off even though right before dinner he ate a banana, an apple, and 1.5 slices of bread. I think both legs are hollow.


Kimberly said...

That looks so good! I'm really going to have to try that recipe!

What do you do with all of those carrots? I keep thinking that once Drew and I get a house, I'd love to join a CSA--but we aren't carrot eaters. I don't mind cooking with them, but I'm not sure I could get through that many before they went bad.

Anne V said...

The carrots go pretty fast around here because we all like them raw. Sam likes them dipped in ranch dressing so I put them in his lunch, Ben's on a diet so he's been eating tons of them, I put them in salads, they're in just about every soup I make too. Every now and then we've got some left that I just cook up and we have as a side. I don't find them overly challenging to use although if we got that many EVERY week, it would be tough.

If you did a CSA that only went through the summer and fall you likely wouldn't get many of them because they're a storage crop. We get lots in winter but other seasons not so much.