Friday, June 6, 2008

Beets and greens

I'm trying to be creative in my use of the various share items so today I did a take off on this recipe at Epicurious.

What did I change? Several things. First, rather than rice I used the seven grain mix from the share. I added a couple of cloves of garlic and I used Parmesan cheese rather than goat cheese. Then I sprinkled the final dish with fresh basil. And I liked it a lot, in fact, I liked it a lot better than the squash risotto I made awhile back. The problem with beets is that everything cooked with beets ends up looking like beets. Here is what it looked like right after I added the beets:

At the end, it was quite a lot more dramatic:

I also made a puree of the the rutabagas from the share. I boiled them with the remaining two parsnips, two accidental turnips (I couldn't tell they were turnips until after I peeled them) and three peeled and cored apples.

I mashed them with my new and wonderful toy, the immersion blender. Oh how I love using that thing for smoothies in the morning.

I mixed them until they looked like this:
Then added some butter, salt, and maple syrup.

Now, that was a decent side but it wasn't as good as the beet pilaf. The funny thing though? My favorite part of the meal was the salad I made with the lettuce from the share, some of the topping from the Judyboo's Bok Choy salad recipe, a generous handful of dried cranberries and a simple dressing of vinegar, sunflower oil, hot sauce, sugar, and salt.

I served everything above with a roast whole chicken but who wants a picture of a chicken? And why were there pictures today anyway? Ben broke my cheapie tripod so he bought a new one on eBay and it's an amazingly complicated professional tripod. I'm still trying to figure out which controls move the camera and tripod in which direction however, I make no promises to take more pictures as I'm cooking. But I might.

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