Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 29 Share

Cooking is getting more repetitive now that I'm getting more familiar with working with all these root veggies so I'm not posting much. I've made more of the stuffed bread, some baklava, lots of stew derivations with beef and barley a favorite of mine. We're still getting the share although we're nearing the end of this session.
This picture isn't very good because I wasn't using my usual camera so things are less yellow than they appear.
Today we got parsnips, cabbage, mixed colored potatoes, garlic, sunflower and radish shoots, rutabaga, frozen tomatoes; Sweet Chai Maple Syrup from Butternut Mountain, Vermont Butter & Cheese Creme Fraiche, and a Champlain Orchards Apple Pie.
I'm curious about the syrup but haven't yet tasted it. The pie. Oh how I wish we wouldn't get the pies. I'm not a huge fan of pie in general and I don't like whole wheat crusts very much even when they're freshly made and by the time we get them they're soggy. Ben and Sam aren't all that interested in it either and I suspect we'll end up tossing most of it.


Kimberly said...

Do you get through the potatoes in between shares? If not, how do you store them?

Anne V said...

I eventually get through the potatoes but sometimes it takes awhile-4 weeks or more. I store them in a paper bag and toss it on a shelf near the floor. Oh, and away from the onions.

LisaTV said...

How was the chai syrup? That sounds yummy. I'd have made waffles to slabber with butter and syrup! Yum!

Anne V said...

Lisa, I've only used chai syrup in a smoothie and couldn't really taste it in there. I should try it to sweeten some tea and see how I like it.