Saturday, March 15, 2008

Party time!

We're heading over to a St. Patty's day party in a little bit and I always like to bring a little something to contribute to the fun.

This week I was feeling lazy. I'd thought about making Dr. Pepper cupcakes because Sam would love doing that but the 7 minute frosting sounded like a pain since I'd have to make it by hand. Last year I made cupcakes and I'm not sure it's acceptable to make them two years in a row.

I also thought about making Snickers "Salad" because it's really easy and I've never had it. Snickers bars cut into pieces, Cool Whip, and diced grannysmith apples.

In the end, I made these:Yes, those are my famous Crack Cookies. Sam insisted they be decorated I'm hoping the sugar shamrocks and suffiently clear that people will understand that they're not just blobs on the top.

We ran out of the green sugar though so I tried a second decorating strategy that unfortunately was less successful. Sam helped, can you tell? Still, they tasted just fine!

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Mom said...

We're headed to at St Patty's day party today too, at Scott's house. I made dinner rolls and green jello salad to bring. Jello+Cool Whip+cottage cheese+pineapple. It's about the only time I use jello. I first had Snickers salad when Shelly made it and I've made it for them since then only I froze the Snickers bars, then hit them with a frying pan to crush them, and I also added spanish peanuts to the mix. It's really more a dessert than a salad but everyone seems to love it.