Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving share

Potatoes, shallots, onions, parsnips, brussels sprouts, greens (claytonia and tatsoi, also looks as though there is a bit of kale in there), 2 mini decorative pumpkins, Butterworks Farm Early Riser cornmeal, and Vermont Cranberry Company cranberries and hot Italian sausage.

Delivery and capacity glitches meant that the kale, squash or pumpkin, and turnips planned for the share this week didn't make it for delivery.

The on-stalk brussels sprouts are so pretty - I very rarely see them in the store this way and I can understand why. They take up too much space! I'm going to cook these as part of our Thanksgiving feast on Thursday.

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LisaTV said...

Fwiw, my Meijer always sells brussels sprouts on the stalk. First time I saw them, I was surprised! I had no idea how they grew.