Monday, November 24, 2008

Digging through old recipes

Looking for ideas for Thanksgiving and I found the menu I made for our "TBS" party. See if you can figure out what "TBS" means from the menu. Hint: The invitation included pictures of Bambi, Mother Goose, Donald Duck, and Bullwinkle.

TBS Menu


Smoked gouda, bacon and caramelized onion quesadillas
Duck Elles - Ground cooked duck and shitake mushrooms in phyllo dough
Venison sausage


Vermont baked yellow eye beans
Butternut squash
Stuffed baked potatoes
Pumpkin bread
Four bean salad
Winter vegetable salad
Corn bread

Main courses:

Moose stew
Goose meatloaf – includes ground chicken and Italian sausage
Grilled moose & venison steaks
Venison & antelope roasts


Orange cream cheese brownies
Lemon Chess Pie
Peanut butter cookies


Kimberly said...

I remember what TBS means!

Skeeter said...

So now that Txgiving is past, what does TBS stand for? I sorta figured out the m.o. with the different meats (someone must be a wicked hunter), but I can't for the life of me figure out the TBS.

Anne V said...

TBS = "Things Ben Shot"

We're very refined and elegant around here.

Skeeter said...

I love it. I was close but no cigar!!