Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Very large share

It's huge! We got kohlrabi, sugarsnax carrots, leeks, daikon radish, savoy cabbage (3!), red kuri squash, delicata Squash, red mars onions, bright lights chard, bull's blood beet greens, cilantro, Butterworks Farm plain yogurt, Champlain Orchards liberty apples, and a frozen chicken.

I always like to attack the greens first as they don't keep very well and take a lot of space in the refrigerator. Today I cooked the chard in butter and used it in some baby quiches.

Chard Quiche

425 degree oven
Makes about 16 mini quiches

Recipe for 2 crust pie

(amounts are approximate)
1 bunch chard, cleaned, chopped, cooked in butter
1 small onion, diced, sauteed in butter
6 eggs
1/2 c milk
4 oz assorted cheese, grated (I used aged cheddar and jalapeno cheddar)
salt and pepper to taste

Make the pie crust and roll out as usual. Cut into 4" circles and fit the circles into muffin tins.

Mix all filling ingredients. Spoon filling into the crust. Bake 20-30 minutes until firm. Remove from pan to cool.

Verdict: Sam loved these! He ate 3 1/2 of them. I thought they were really good too but isn't anything good when encased in pie crust?

Oh, I also made myself a salad using the beet greens in place of lettuce. Excellent. Very similar to spinach but with a much more interesting color.

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