Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First week of the summer share

Lisa and her kids joined me on the trek across the street to pick up the share this week. Kimberly joined them for the weekly picture.

This week we've got russet potatoes, french breakfast radishes, bunch dill; pac choi; bunch mibuna (I have never even heard of mibuna), head lettuce, purple kohlrabi, garlic scapes, mesclun, strawberries, Jasper Hill Constant Bliss Cheese, Gleason Grains whole-wheat bread flour; and Pete's eggs.


Skeeter said...

Anne: I am completely new at this and am having a good time with it. I didn't know what bunch mibuna was either. I now am either going to make a quiche with it or incorporate it in your lasagne recipte. BTW, what brand of immersion blender did you purchase - it looks like a real fun and useful toy.


Anne V said...

It's a Cuisinart and it is really handy. I've been making lots of smoothies with it, much easier than the blender.

I used the mibuna in a pasta sauce. I sauteed some of the garlic scapes in chicken pan drippings, then added some diced chicken, the bunch of chopped mibuna, tomato puree, oregano and basil from the garden, salt and pepper. It made a good dinner.