Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This week we got local sweet cherries in the share. Oh, and a whole bunch of other stuff too because CHERRIES! What else do you need?

In theory the share had this this week: Parsnips; French Breakfast Radishes; Bunched Beets; Sweet Salad Turnips -or- Beet Greens; Bunch Mizuna -or- Mibuna; Head Napa Cabbage; Parsley; Bunch Scallions; Head Lettuce; Braising Greens; Blueledge Farm Chevre*; Champlain Orchards Sweet Red Cherries*; and Les Fermes Longpres Sunflower Oil

But we had one parsnip and a bunch of carrots, the radishes, beets, beet greens, bunch of mystery greens - I don't know what either mizuna or mibuna looks like so I can't say which we had, nappa cabbage, lettuce, braising greens, flatleaf parsley, cherve, cherries, sunflower oil.

I love the sunflower oil and had just run out of the stuff from this spring so the timing was perfect. Cherve never goes to waste around here either.

Sam is now discovering the joys of cherries. Poor kid, we don't have you pick cherries here so we'll have to see if we can pick some in Door County when we're in Wisconsin.

In addition to the share we went strawberry picking this morning and now I've got a couple of quarts of frozen strawberries. I also processed some of the greens into frozen greens for this winter but it was a lot of work for what I ended up with. The instructions called for blanching the greens but I'm wondering if I could just pour boiling water over them and then cool them to save some work. Or perhaps skip the blanching step entirely.

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