Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The share! The share!

Some new stuff this week.

Purple Potatoes; Spring Dug Parsnips; Savoy Cabbage; Mesclun Braising Mix;
Champlain Orchards Empire Apples; Butterworks Farm Maple Yogurt; Dulse Seaweed; Pearled Barley from Michel Gaudreau; Patchwork Bread; Bunch Basil; Bunch Scallions;
1 Bunch Greens May Include One or More of the Following*: Wild Arugula, Mizuna, Purple Mizuna, Mustard, Red Giant Mustard, and Arugula.

I'm making pesto for dinner!

I have no idea which type of greens we got. Anyone recognize that stuff next to the yogurt?

And what should I do with the seaweed? I've never cooked with seaweed before and obviously that's not super local food, it's from Maine but they made some sort of special arrangement to get it.

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