Thursday, April 24, 2008

'tis time to share

It's funny how sometimes it seems as though the share is intentionally color coded. This week it's all about the green and off white/tan family. In the green corner there is more bok choi, an asian cabbage of some sort, braising greens, and turnip greens. In the off white/tan corner we've got parsnips, potatoes, buttermilk, bread, multigrain mix, oatmeal, turnips, and smoked cheddar cheese.

I cooked some of the greens yesterday with a little garlic, olive oil, and a some pine nuts and, er, they were still pretty bitter. I guess they're an acquired taste and I hope that Sam will acquire the taste as a kidlet so he won't be looking at them and wondering what the hell to do with them the way I do each week when I open the package.

As time goes on I intend to freeze some of them to use in place of the frozen chopped spinach I use in various dishes. Wonder if they'd seem more bitter? And should I blanch them then chop them? I'm sure a little googling would answer my questions.

It also amazed me to see how much things have grown in a week. Last week we got some of the salad turnips and they were about 1/2" in diameter, this week they were about an inch and a half. I'm sure the braising greens are the same as last week's mesculin mix but a week older and that much less tender.

Today I got an email at work that someone has organized a CSA that will be delivered right to my work. Of course it's delivered on a day when I don't work so I think I'll stick with our current provider. But I like that it's become so commonplace that it's being hosted by area employers.

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