Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's beginning to look like summer

We're getting more fresh green produce! Mesclun; Mix of Green and/or Purple Pac Choi and Tatsoi; European Cucumber; Sweet Salad Turnips; Purple Adirondack Potatoes; Frozen Strawberries; Pete's Eggs; Oyster or Shiitake Mushrooms from Amir Habib; Elmore Roots Elderberry Jam; Butter; and Elmore Mountain Bread.
But you know what I was most looking forward to having? The butter. Perhaps I should sign up for an all dairy farm share, who needs the rest.
I ate the little turnips immediately and had some of the greens in a salad tonight along with some of the other greens. The purple potatoes are so beautiful that I'm going to have to find some dish that really shows them off.

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