Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More cabbage but no radishes this week!

Yay to the lack of radishes! Our house smells of stinky radishes just from opening the container...the smell lingers and lingers and lingers and lingers. It has a vaguely cabbage-y smell combined with an additional and even less appealing note. I suggest that they be opened and eaten outside only. This week we got the following items: Cabbage, Carrots, Yellow Potatoes, Rutabaga, Copra Onions (more accurately onion), Champlain Orchards Squash Puree, Champlain Orchards Empire Apples, Vermont Milk Company Cheddar Cheese, Pete's Eggs (because I just bought some on Monday of course), mixed sprouts, and Anadama Bread.

We were also able to do a special order a little while ago so I ordered two packages of whole wheat pastry flour, two bags of barley, and a bag of corn meal. Our grainy goodness needs should be covered for awhile.

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LisaTV said...

The share looks great this week. I really loved the pic of the grains (I originally typed "brains" har har). Makes me hungry for barley.