Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fake eggrolls

I'm getting tired of root vegetables and stews so today I decided to do something very different from my typical meals. It's really easy but uses only one local ingredient, something we never get from the share but is available at our local co-op. The co-op/downtown food store is a nice little place with lots of local food options as well as some conventional foods.

I was there today and saw some local frozen ground turkey. I'd also seen an article in the paper about cooking with eggroll wrappers so I pulled those together and came up with the following very simple recipe.

Ground turkey "eggrolls"

Makes about 12 eggrolls

1 lb ground turkey
1 tsp fresh ginger
1 tbsp chili garlic sauce
1/2 red onion finely minced
fresh cilantro to taste
Nappa cabbage or bean sprouts or whatever other veggies you'd like

Eggroll wrappers

Brown the turkey, add the other ingredients, allow to cool.

Wrap filling in eggroll wrappers and pan fry the rolls in about 1/8" of vegetable oil spiked with some sesame oil for a little extra flavor.

Rating: Mmmmm, mmmm good. The recipe made a dozen and they were all gone. Sam ate one of them before I cooked it and then another 2 1/2 egg rolls.

Update: Added a cooked sweet potato to make it a little less meaty and some mushrooms because I had them. Upped the chili garlic sauce and the ginger to get the flavor but it was excellent too.

Another Update: I've been playing with this recipe every time I make it. I've added nappa cabbage, bean sprouts, and pretty much whatever else I have around that won't provide conflicting flavors and it's always a hit. But last night I added something that now goes into the list of near essential items - fresh cilantro. Add it. Unless it tastes like soap to you of course.


LisaTV said...

Yummy, yummy. I may make these during next Sunday's cooking festival.

beth said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

This entry requires a photo for sure. Are they all gone?

An old boyfriend of mine used to make wonderful Vietnamese Imperial rolls - it was the main reason I stayed with him for a year. They had slivers of chicken, very thin vermicelli, basil, and not-sure-what-else, in one of those thin rice wrappers that you don't fry. Awesome!