Friday, February 1, 2008

Bacon Corn Chowder

I've got potatoes coming out of my ears. I never realized how few potatoes we normally eat around here until we began getting a regular influx of 'taters from the share. Now we've got a nice variety of potatoes beginning to go to sprout before we use them.

I also have bacon hanging around because there is a local smoker (I doubt the pigs are local though) and they had a very good deal on ends and pieces and heck, we don't care if they're full slices so I bought four pounds of the things. Four pounds of bacon is a lot of bacon even if two pounds is nicely frozen for future use. We'll suffer through it.

Bacon is apparently a very important food to many people. While searching for Harrington's website I came across this one. I think I might skip the bacon pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Anyone brave enough to give that one a try? I do have to admit that I spent some time reading as I don't seem to be able to resist bacon in written format either.

I glanced at a couple of recipes and in the spirit of making things difficult, followed none of them. Doesn't everyone cook to taste?

Bacon Corn Chowder

8 sticks of bacon, chopped into small pieces
1/2 onion, chopped
4 small white potatoes diced into 1/2" pieces
2 lbs frozen corn
a few shakes of pepper sauce

Cook the bacon in the pot you'll be using for your soup. Toss in the onions, cook until soft. Throw in the potatoes and enough milk to cover it all. Heat.

Toss a couple of cups of corn in a blender, add enough milk that you can blend until it's pretty much just mush.

Toss that and the rest of the rest of the corn into the pot. Add remaining ingredients and heat to simmer.

Cook until the potatoes are tender. Now, I noticed on the comments for one or two of the recipes I looked at that they said the stuff is better on day two so I turned it off, left it on the stove and heated it up a couple more times through the day. Hey, we've got snow and freezing rain here today and when you add in a kid with a fresh new cold going out seems highly unlikely.

Rating: Excellent

I also made a loaf of Lisa's bread but spiked it with the remaining tofu so I wouldn't end up throwing it away. The addition of the tofu didn't enhance the bread in any way. It made it kind of heavy and somewhat less appealing. I don't recommend it.


LisaTV said...

I'm ridiculously stoked that you've ever made a recipe of mine more than once.

Fwiw, I like to use part creamed corn in corn chowder. Good stuff. Best I ever had was a vegan version (still have the recipe) that had hardly any ingredients, but required that I get the corn fresh off the cob. I did that when it was in season. UNFORGETTABLE.

Anne V said...

I think this is the third or forth time I've made the bread actually.

And I'm sure corn chowder would be better with creamed corn and fresh stuff so feel free to make it for me.