Friday, January 11, 2008

Using up the roots

I had a bunch of misc turnips, a couple of beets, and some potatoes that weren't enough to do anything on their own so I decided to try a roasted veggie soup.

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

Peel (those that must be peeled) & dice misc root veggies
Peel a whole head of garlic

Mix veggies above with a little olive oil, add salt & pepper then put everything on a cookie sheet (with sides). Cover and bake at 400 F until soft, about an hour.

Toss everything in the food processor, add broth or water to get to the texture you prefer.

If you added even two little beets, your soup may look like this (I like it very thick). Oh, and the only strong flavors are the garlic and rosemary. What's not to like? Excellent


LisaTV said...

I think it's mental but I cannot stay full from pureed soups! I need something in there to chew on. Beautiful color though.

beth said...

That's not soup! You went to the Kwickie Mart and got a raspberry squishy.