Sunday, January 6, 2008

Goulash Moolash

So when you make a big old moose brisket style there is a lot leftover. And when I ran across this recipe for goulash, a little lightbulb went off and I decided to give it a try.

Of course I modified, I always modify. I didn't measure anything but the spices, I used Hungarian paprika but I don't know if it was sweet paprika or some other type of Hungarian paprika. Whatever. I used the moose pan juices in place of broth and of course the moose was already cooked so I skipped that entire step. Most of the ingredients weren't local but at least the moose and the onions qualified.
Verdict: Ben and I loved it, Sam thought it was "spicy" but it most certainly was not. I think he's just trying to be a contrarian. He ate salad instead and that salad contains some sunflower sprouts, something grown locally. They taste just like sunflower seeds. What can be bad about that?


LisaTV said...

I'm shocked that you are not using Kluski egg noodles! It looks very pretty though, especially the salad.

Anne V said...

I can't find kluski noodles around here and I've looked. Feel free to send me some.