Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last share of 2008

A full year of the share! Lots of cooking, lots of eating, and a freezer full of good stuff. I've learned a lot about cooking with local ingredients this year and it was also the first year I've had any sort of garden since our second summer we lived in this house. It's so nice to be able to go to the freezer to build different meals with much less effort than having to make everything from scratch. For instance, I made a beef and barley soup using beef gravy from the freezer and leftovers in the refrigerator on Tuesday and on Wednesday I pulled out greens, cilantro pesto, and cilantro to make two types of stuffed bread for a potluck party last night. I'm now out of greens which is amazing to me since that's one of the things I sort of dreaded getting during the year.

The variety of foods we've eaten here over the last year is much wider than we've eaten in the past and I've discovered I really lots of things I didn't expect to like. However, I'm still struggling with radishes.

I hope to continue with the share, probably every other week as it's just too much food for us every week, and expand my garden for next summer. I'm hoping that Sam will eventually start eating more of it rather than tastine a "no thank you bite" and declaring "Yuck!"

The share this week: yellow potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet salad turnips, red cabbage, curly parsley, Butterworks Farm black turtle beans, Vermont Cranberry Company cranberry juice, Pete's Greens Kitchen frozen pureed squash and sunflower oil from State Line Farm.

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