Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mid October Share

Bunch Leeks, mustard greens, peppers, brussels sprouts, garlic, spinach, celery, pie pumpkin, salad turnips, Champlain Orchards macintosh apples, Red Hen whole-wheat bread, Deborah's eggs.

This was a pretty big share! Since I'm going to be gone this weekend and I know Ben won't eat them while I'm gone I processed the mustard greens and turnip greens for the freezer. I also trimmed the celery and leeks and used those to make chicken stock. I can deal with the pumpkin when I get back. In hopes that Ben and Sam eat veggies of some sort while I'm gone I cut up a bunch of raw veggies - carrots, salad turnips, celery, peppers -- and put them in plain sight. Any bets on if they'll still be there when I get back?

I made BLT's (well, BST's - spinach - and tomatoes from my garden) for dinner then cooked up the brussels sprouts in the bacon grease. Very tasty!
This is the last week of the summer share and now we begin splitting a share with friends so I'll just be getting the share every other week. But I'll still take pictures.

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