Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sharing sharing all the long day through

Today's haul: napa cabbage, chives, mesclun, mixed bunched greens (one of the following: red or green mizuna, arugula, mibuna, or wild arugula and I have no idea which one it is -- greens is greens?), carrots, beets, Jasper Hill Blue Cheese, Elmore Mt bread, mushrooms, organic black popcorn. How about a close up of those mushrooms? Aren't they pretty? And because they were sitting on the counter because I didn't want them outside (it was snowing a little today!) my little herb seedlings, most of them destined for pesto for the freezer should they grow to be big strapping basil plants. There is some cilantro too because despite what some people think, it does NOT taste like soap and it's a wonderful versatile herb.


Kimberly said...

How versatile is something that makes everything taste like soap?

LisaTV said...

I knew KVO would be all over that cilantro!
I'm kind of afraid of the mushrooms - they look very different from anything I've eaten before.
Is that black popcorn? That's my fave. It has significantly fewer hulls to get stuck in your teeth.

Anne V said...

It is black popcorn but I didn't make any yesterday. Soon though.

I used all the mushrooms in the pilaf I made and they rocked! The weird mushrooms I get in the share are much better than the stuff from the grocery store. I don't really like those, these are good when you cook them in so much butter they melt in your mouth.