Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's the red share

No, not a communist share although that would be interesting but instead it's this:
Beets, dried cranberries, red potatoes and strawberries! We cooked some of the beets (just wrapped in foil and roasted) last night and when I cut open one of them, it was a geode of mold.

There wasn't anything exotic or difficult to use in this round, I'm almost disappointed. Almost.

That cheese (blue label) is excellent stuff. It's Jasper Hill's Constant Bliss cheese. Ben will probably eat it all before I get to it...


LisaTV said...

Do you ever get frustrated or bored that you get so many taters and carrots? I think over time I'd run out of ideas and bust out the deep fat fryer and start fryin' those babies up.
On a local note in Michigan, Daryl told me today that he's heartbroken that I didn't get more Cabot jalapeno cheese last Sunday (he failed to add it to the list). He said it's the best cheese ever, then spoke for roughly 5 full minutes about the experience of eating it.

The strawberries looked especially terrific, btw. They just jumped off the page!

Anne V said...

I don't get bored with carrots, it's one of the few winter veggies I like to eat raw and that both Ben and Sam are willing to eat very regularly. I sometimes feel that I get 'tatered out a bit but it's nice that they're all different colors.

Daryl can go to the store if he's desperate and if he does, he should take the list with him.

Mom said...

Where did the strawberries come from? The varieties we have in WI don't grow in the snow. LOL