Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Da Share! Da Share!

I know everyone is very excited about that. It's a good one this week - take a look!

From the newsletter: This week's Vegetable Localvore share includes: beets, onions, carrots, valentine radish, potatoes, frozen strawberries, cranberry apple cider, ricotta cheese, bread, eggs, and sprouts

Ours should say "beet" instead of beets because there was one lonely beet in there this week. I guess I grabbed the wrong bag. The sprouts this week are pea sprouts which will be a nice little addition to our generally somewhat boring salad.

The first thing we always eat is the bread and it's always excellent. If I could make bread with the taste and texture of the breads we get in the share I'd probably live on bread and butter alone. Malnutrition? I don't want to hear about it.

Sam immediately had to try the cranberry cider and that gets two thumbs up from both of us.

There were frozen strawberries in the share so I'll have to find a fun strawberry dessert to make. Strawberry pie?

And those valentine radishes? A nice peppery zing.

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beth said...

Strawberry pancakes?