Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cooking on New Years Day

Roasted Root Veggies

Roasted at 400 on jelly roll pan covered with foil for about 45 min:

Cabbage (about half a cabbage)
Rutabaga (I think)
Parsnip (there was just one of them)

Sprinked with olive oil and salt.

Grade: So so. Had a funky smell to it but tasted ok, not terrific.

Possible changes/Add'l thoughts: Skip the cabbage in future roasts

Chicken & Barley

Bake 400 about an hour

Toss a couple of cups of pearl barley in the bottom of a pan. Add some onions, carrots, salt, thyme, pepper & whatever
Dot with butter
Place chicken pieces, with bone and skin, over the barley, salt pepper whatever pieces.
Pour boiling water over the barley to give it a head start cooking

Bake about an hour

Grade: Excellent

Sweet potato and Barley soup

Bake sweet potatoes (3 large in this case) until soft.
Allow to cool.
Sautee onions in butter
Use blender to puree sweet potatoes and sauteed onions- add water as necessary
Return mixture to pan, salt and pepper to taste
Mix in all the leftover barley from the chicken and barley recipe above and heat

Grade: Excellent!

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